Sketched & Stitched
with You in Mind

Voluptas Rose Lingerie Sketches 

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Voluptas Rose Lingerie. Almost one year from the day we started production, our first collection is now live.

We set out to change the norms of the lingerie industry that has long ignored a majority of body types and sizes. We sought equality—the same sexy piece in all sizes offered while balancing style and comfort.

We're proud to say, we've done it. After researching and sizing and sourcing and sampling, we forged through this unusual year. Our first bra collection is now available in 32B to 44H with more sizes in the works. We've also developed a unique sizing system for panties that says goodbye to counting X's.

We thank you all for the support and love we've received. We can't wait for you to add Voluptas Rose Lingerie to your wardrobe. When you do, get out and flaunt it with your pics and #VoluptasRose. We want to see you and thank you for helping us to continue to push our message forward for all women.

To learn more about our mission, read our About page. Start shopping here


Founder & CEO

P.S. Check out @jordanahava, the creator of our artwork above.