Brand Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador Program! Our vision at Voluptas Rose Lingerie is to normalize sexiness for all - that means every size, shape, ethnicity and gender. That’s why we are looking to create a diverse group of powerful individuals to work closely with us to help spread the word. If you believe in body positivity, inclusivity, fearlessness, and self-love, we invite you to apply to join our program.

What is a Voluptas Rose Ambassador?

A Voluptas Rose Ambassador is an individual committed to promoting our brand and message through his/her/their own social media account.  

The benefits of becoming a Voluptas Rose Ambassador 

You will receive:

  • A Welcome Gift with Your First Order
  • A 30% Off Personal Discount Code*
  • A 20% Off Public Discount Code to Share
  • Every 20 times your Public Discount Code is used to complete a non-refunded purchase, you will receive your choice of 10% commission as a payment through Paypal or 15% commission as Voluptas Rose store credit
  • Occasional free merchandise. This is not guaranteed, but we may send Voluptas Rose Lingerie or partner brand merchandise as the opportunities arise.
  • The possibility to be featured on our social media profiles, on our website, and in our emails

*Some items may be occasionally excluded.

What are the requirements to be a Voluptas Rose Brand Ambassador?

We require that our brand ambassadors seek and act on opportunities to share our message and products to individuals that will appreciate our brand.

  • Create and share quality posts about our brand via your public Instagram and Facebook pages, stories, reels, and/or IGTV at least 4 times each month (each platform). Posts must stay up for 90 days.
  • Regularly comment and share our posts on Facebook and Instagram

  • Attend an ambassador kick-off Zoom meeting to learn more about our brand and products

  • Promote your public discount code on your social media pages

  • Share collaboration/giveaway-related posts

  • Attend local events as opportunities arise

How do I qualify to be considered to be a brand ambassador? 

Apply for our Ambassador Program by filling out the form below. We will then select applicants for a quick interview call. After the call, we will notify you via email if you have been selected to join our program. 

Interview questions may include: 

  • Are you following our Instagram and Facebook accounts?  

  • Have you made a purchase from us already? What were your thoughts regarding the items you received? 

  • How often do you engage with us on social media (comment, direct message, and reposts)?

  • Have you mentioned or posted about our brand and message on your own account?

  • How does your personal brand connect with our message and vision?
  • Describe how you have personally built your social media following? 

  • How much do you engage with your audience on your social media accounts? 

  • What does body positivity mean to you? 

  • Do you work with any other lingerie, undergarment brands already?

  • Do you work with any other fashion brands? 

  • What does equality mean to you? 

  • What are your current frustrations, if any, in the lingerie industry today? 

  • Are you comfortable taking photos of yourself in our lingerie and sharing on your social media accounts? 

Can I be removed from the Ambassador Program?

We may remove someone from the program for the following reasons: 

  • Lack of participation to promote our brand or engage with our brand on a consistent basis

  • Misalignment with our vision and values 

  • We also  have the right to ask you to take down posts promoting or mention our brand at any point

​​​How long does the program last and can I renew my membership? 

The program is for 12 months. And, absolutely! If the partnership has benefited us both well, we will be excited to welcome you to join us for another year. After the year has ended, we will invite select ambassadors back.  If you do not receive an invitation back, you may reapply again and go through the selection process again. 

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Please fill out the form below to get started! Thank you!