Top 6 Mistakes When Bra Shopping

Buying for Looks Alone
1. Buying Only for Looks
If you're lured in by looks alone, you'll likely be pulling your bra off the first second you can! The lingerie industry is seriously lacking in providing pieces that are equally beautiful, comfortable, and supportive. Thus, our mission is to provide all the above. We believe women of all sizes deserve to feel sexy and supported, not one or the other.
Too Tight of Band
2. Teeny Tiny Bands
The primary  support does NOT come from the straps! Rather, it comes from the band. Small bands can lead to back, shoulder, and neck pain and uncomfortable back spillage. That's why our bands are wider than your average bra. Try our Jessica Bra to feel the wide-band difference!
3. Spilling Out
You should not be squeezing out of the tops or sides of your bra. If you are, you probably fell into a marketing trap. If the bra is actually made for your body type, you should feel secure, comfortable, and sexy all day long, period! No ifs, ands, or buts about it. 
Buying the Same Size
4. Buying the Same Size
Not all brands and even styles are made equally. Varying fabrics and cuts can make a huge difference on fit. You may need to move up or down a size and that's okay!
Pro Tip: A bra should fit on the loosest band clasp at the time of purchase. Most fabrics will stretch a bit over time, so you'll need the other clasps to tighten as the item ages. 
5. Going Too Cheap
A bra shouldn't get torn to shreds after a few washes. When properly cared for, a luxury bra should last much longer than an average bra. While the initial cost may be a hard pill to swallow, buying a few cheaper bras every year or two will cost more than investing in one top-notch piece you will love.
Ask for Help
6. Not Asking for Help
With so many options, finding the bra that's made for your body type and actual needs can be overwhelming. However, we've invested years into thinking about your body type and how you'll wear our bras. Chat, email, or call us - we're here to help you find the right style and fit.