Why We Love to Wear Corsets and Garters

Black Corsets and Black Garters

Originally a utilitarian staple, corsets and garters are now fun wardrobe additions that add a little extra sexiness to your day and evening. Learn why our founder, Victoria, considered them a must-have in her first collection.

Q: Why did you decide to create the Carmen Corset?

Corsets are incredibly versatile as a visible layering piece. I like to use a corset in place of a belt with a flowy caftan or an oversized top, adding shape, dimension, and smoothing effects. As lingerie, it really completes the entire Voluptas Rose set, creating a classic silhouette that looks good on all shapes and sizes. 

Q: The Carmen Corset is a lot more comfortable than traditional corsets. What did you do differently?

While I have always loved the look of corsets, I hated wearing them. The boning can dig in, making long-term wear unbearable. We changed the overall construction by adding an inch of extra padding beyond the boning at the top and bottom of the corset. This padding makes all the difference in comfort without losing any style.

Q: The straps on your garters are longer than others. Why?

Wearing garters can be a lot more comfortable and is much sexier than wearing pantyhose, but the straps typically don't account for what all women have - a butt! The straps in the back are purposefully longer to go over the butt to hold the hosiery at the same height on both sides of the leg -  creating a much more desirable look.

Q: I always struggle with putting garters on - how did you make this easier?

Clipping garters can be tough because the hardware is usually plastic or not well made. Our hardware is very high quality and designed to make it easier to clasp, especially on the back side.

Q: How are the tops of your garters different?

I made the waistline of the garters higher, which layers perfectly with all of our bottoms. The garters also create a smoothing effect, especially when wearing the Gladys Garter because it is a bit more of a snug fit than the Marie. If you haven't tried wearing a garter belt before, our pieces are the perfect introduction - easy to put on and easy to wear. We currently carry sizes 00-20.

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