You're Not a Before & After

With the end of the year approaching, resolutions begin to abound. Across the Internet, many advertisers and influencers shout "New Year, New You" statements paired with Insta-famous before-and-after photos. The cheerful, smiley after photo always outshines the dimly lit sad before photo, suggesting a complete transformation of mind, body, and spirit.

While we are all in favor of positive life changes and fitness inspiration, these quick comparison photos can send the wrong message even though they may be accompanied by love-yourself, body-positive messaging.

At a glance, they often suggest that the "before" person was not good enough, was slighted in some way, was doing it all wrong. They promote that the "after" person has it all together, is just now confident, is finally living a life of joy. It suggests, to have it all, you just need to get to "after."

This isn't how we define body positivity. To us, body positivity is loving yourself now. It's having confidence now. It's using your current body, your current self, to accomplish your goals and to live your best life today.

Join us in our own New Year's tradition. Take a now photo. Smile deeply inside and out. Flaunt how you feel today. That's where, we
believe, real confidence comes from. Go a step further and post proudly on Instagram with the tag #NotaBeforeandAfter and @Voluptas_Rose.

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